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Welcome to Sportello Certificati, the ADR Servizi Informativi website, P.I.: 03698510835, REA: ME-254680, specialized in providing certificates and documents.

I nostri servizi sono rivolti a studi legali, studi professionali e compagnie che operano nel campo della cittadinanza ed hanno bisogno di un partner altamente specializzato che opera su tutto il territorio italiano. 

You can find the full description of the services we offer with all the information on the types of certificates you need. Our services are divided by category. The registryistry category includes all the registry certificates that can be requested from the Registry Office of the Municipality, in particular: Certificate of residence, Certificate of family status, Certificate of contextual residence and family status, AIRE Certificate, Certificate of citizenship, Certificate of immigration.

The Civil Status category includes all the civil status certificates that can be requested from the Civil Status Office of the Municipality, in particular: Certificate of death, Certificate of marriage, Certificate of birth, Certificate of existence in life, Certificate of free status.

Do you need any of the certificates listed above? We'll take care of it! On Sportello Certificati you will find the maximum professionalism and availability. We want to retain our customers by offering discounts and benefits.

In addition, you can also view and order your legal documents using the same system. Our products are aimed at companies, professional firms and individuals. We will assist you during the order of the service and after the delivery of the same. We operate throughout the country at competitive prices and without the need for any subscription: the purchase is on consumption. To ask for any clarification on the subject you can send your requests from the contact us page. If you prefer you can contact us by phone at 02-82953560, by e-mail at or by chat.

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