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  • The Birth Certificate attests the birth of a person in an Italian municipality.
  •  On Sportello Certificati you will receive the official document issued by the Civil Status Office of the municipality where the birth took place.
  • In addition to the birth certificate you can also obtain the birth extract in Italian or multilingual language or the complete copy of the birth certificate.
  • Also available is the legalization of the document with an apostille, Hague Convention (1961).
  • National service in every municipality on Italian territory.
  • Delivery by e-mail from 10 working days.
  • International shipping via Fedex Internationa Priority.
  • Ricerca genealogica certificati storici antenati italiani.
  • 24 hour customer service by phone, email, chat, whatsApp.
  • Secure payment systems with data encryption.
  • Get the document in a few clicks.

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Birth Certificate;  Extract of Birth Certificate; Multi-language Extract of Birth Certificate;


The Italian birth certificate is a document that attests the birth of a person on Italian territory is an indispensable document to obtain Italian citizenship in particular that of jure sanguinis.

The birth certificate is issued by the municipality where the birth took place or the transcription of the same (if the person was born in a foreign country) and is part of the certificates of civil status, as it attests the data of the person recorded on the civil status registers of the municipality. In order to request it, it is therefore necessary to know the first name, surname, date of birth and place of birth.

Which birth certificates can be requested and who can apply for them?

There are 4 types of birth certificates and they can all be requested at Sportello Certificati:

Birth certificate - contains essential information about the birth, such as: name and surname, place of birth and date of birth.

Extract of birth - in addition to the information on the certificate, it also contains any extrapolated information from the birth certificate, such as marital status, e.g. single or unmarried, and also includes an indication of the parents. (Usually required to obtain Italian citizenship by bloodline jure sanguinis).

Multilingual or international extract of birth certificate - contains the same information as the Italian language extract of birth certificate but is issued in a multilingual format by the civil status of the municipality of application. It includes about 10 languages, including: Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, German. (Usually required to obtain Italian citizenship by bloodline jure sanguinis).

Copy of birth certificate - this is the complete copy of the birth certificate contained in the birth register of the Civil State.

In some municipalities, for the issue of the certificate, extract or copy of the birth certificate, a specific proxy may be required together with a copy of the identity document. In this case it will be our care to inform you about further documents to show.

From which year can I request the birth certificate?

Birth certificates can be requested for all persons born in Italy starting from 1871. However, some municipalities are in possession of registers prior to 1871. When it is not possible to obtain the birth certificate you can request a baptism certificate issued by the church where the baptism took place. For births prior to 1871 we recommend that you contact our customer service before placing your order.

What is the legalization of the document with an apostille (Hague Convention of 1961)?

Birth certificates must be legalized in order to be valid outside the European Union. For all countries that are parties to the 1961 Hague Convention (115 countries see list of countries) the procedure of apostille legalization has been introduced. This procedure is faster than the ordinary legalization procedure.

If the document is to be used in a country that has acceded to the convention, the certificate can be legalized with apostille which in Italy is affixed by the competent prefecture of the capital where the document was issued.

To request legalization with an apostille, it is important to indicate the country where the certificate is to be used and verify that it has adhered to the convention. Please note that the time taken to affix an apostille may vary depending on the office to which the request is made.

Why request the document on Sportello Certificati?

On Sportello Certificati you will get the official certificate issued by the Civil Status Office of the Municipality of reference and benefit from the characteristics that distinguish us:

  • Speed: you can get the birth certificate in a few clicks, the order will be immediately received by our systems and put in processing.
  • Assistance: You will be assisted by people and not by automated systems, in fact to our customers we guarantee free assistance seven days a week during the order of the service and after the delivery of the same.
  • Security: we guarantee our customers secure navigation with advanced data encryption and payment gateways.

How to request the document on Sportello Certificati?

Obtaining the document is very simple:

  • fill in the request form;
  • add the service to the shopping cart;
  • go to the checkout to complete the payment.

How quickly is it delivered? How is it delivered?

The document is delivered by email in pdf format. If requested at the time of order, in addition to the pdf the customer can also obtain the shipment of the paper original. The shipment is managed by Fedex through the International Priority service and is carried out in the main locations around the world.

The delivery time of the document in pdf format is on average 10 working days.

For the sake of clarity, it is necessary to specify that not all municipalities have the same delivery times for certificates. In addition, some certificates may take longer, such as those relating to births before 1900 or its first decades.

The request for an apostille implies a longer time, as the document must be submitted to the prefecture responsible for legalization.

To ask for any clarification on the matter you can send your requests from the contact us page.

If you prefer you can contact us by phone at 0240031022, by e-mail at or by chat.


IMPORTANTE: Si fa presente che si stanno verificando dei grossi ritardi nel rilascio dei documenti presso il Comune di Roma.Pertanto non si garantiscono i tempi di evasione.

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